Android Tech Lead in Haifa at Shutterfly

Date Posted: 5/8/2024

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Job Description

Tech Lead - Android Development 

 Company Overview: At Shutterfly, we believe in the extraordinary power of self-expression, making life's moments unforgettable. Our family of brands empowers customers to create personalized products and capture memories that reflect their unique identities. 

 Role Overview: As a Tech Lead for Android Development at Shutterfly Israel, you will play a pivotal role in leading innovative mobile projects that have a far-reaching impact on millions of users. You will be at the helm of a small, agile team of highly skilled individuals who take pride in their work and are committed to continual improvement for our customers. The team has released several successful mobile apps across multiple brands including the Shutterfly and Snapfish apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Key Responsibilities: As a Tech Lead, you will be responsible for leading and guiding the Android development team in creating exceptional mobile experiences. Your key responsibilities will include: 

  1. Technical Leadership: Provide technical leadership and mentorship to the Android development team, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and in line with best practices. 

  1. Architectural Design: Collaborate with the team to design and maintain a scalable and clean architecture for Android applications. 

  1. Code Quality: Set and enforce high standards for code quality, readability, and efficiency, and ensure that the team follows these standards. 

  1. API Interaction: Work closely with back-end developers to design, optimize, and ensure the smooth interaction between mobile clients and remote APIs. 

  1. Agile Methodologies: Promote and facilitate Agile development methodologies within the team, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and with high quality. 

  1. Collaboration: Foster collaboration within the team and with UX/UI designers to ensure that user goals are achieved through an iterative design process. 

  1. Customer Focus: Prioritize customer satisfaction and take a user-centric approach to development by actively seeking user feedback and reviews for continuous improvement. 

  1. Communication: Maintain excellent communication skills to effectively convey ideas and collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. 

Required Skills and Experiences: To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field (or equivalent experience). 

  • 5+ Years of Android Development: You should have at least eight years of experience in building and leading Android applications available on app stores. 

  • Technical Expertise: A strong understanding of Android technologies, including Kotlin, flows, coroutines, navigation components, room, Jetpack Compose, MVVM, Hilt, and clean architecture. 

  • Code Quality: Demonstrated skills in writing high-quality, well-architected, and efficient code. 

  • Unit Testing : As a Tech Lead, you will play a crucial role in promoting and overseeing unit testing within the team. This involves creating and maintaining unit tests for methods, classes, and components to ensure they produce the expected results. Unit tests serve as a safety net, catching and preventing bugs early in the development process, which ultimately reduces the likelihood of issues in the production environment. You will guide the team in writing tests that cover critical code paths, enabling them to maintain code reliability and stability. 

  • Gradle Expertise: A deep understanding of Gradle build system and its application in Android development. Proficiency in configuring build scripts, managing dependencies, and optimizing build performance is essential for this role. The ability to troubleshoot Gradle-related issues and implement efficient build processes is a key requirement. 

  • Version Control: Proficiency in Git and version control systems. 

  • Agile Leadership: Proven experience in leading teams in an Agile development environment. 

  • API Interaction: Experience in designing and optimizing mobile client interactions with remote APIs. 

  • Proven and demonstrable experience in a relevant position 

Desirable Qualifications: While not mandatory, the following qualifications are considered a plus: 

  • Open Source Contributions: A history of contributions to open source projects. 

  • User Experience Design Skills: Knowledge of user experience design principles and practices. 

As a Tech Lead for Android Development at Shutterfly Israel, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction of innovative projects, lead a dynamic team, and make a significant impact on the lives of millions of users. Your leadership and technical expertise will be essential in delivering high-quality mobile experiences that align with Shutterfly's commitment to self-expression and customer satisfaction. 



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