Content Architect - ALEKS Chemistry in Irvine, CA at McGraw-Hill

Date Posted: 5/19/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Build the future!
McGraw-Hill, provider of leading online intelligently-adaptive assessment and tutoring services in STEM fields, is seeking an energetic and highly creative Chemistry Content Architect to join its elite ALEKS Chemistry team.  This team is tasked with imagining and building the future of data-driven adaptive educational technology in all subfields of chemistry, developing awesome new tools to rock mid-21st century college chemistry instruction.
How can you make an Impact? 
In the role of Chemistry Content Architect (CCA), You will write and specify individual ALEKS problem types (“topics” or “Items”) and ALEKS Homework Engine (AHE) algorithms for ALEKS and AHE Chemistry products. You will participate, as directed, in designing, revising, releasing, and maintaining ALEKS Chemistry products, and in building the (ALEKS AI) knowledge structures used in ALEKS learning mode.  The CCA is actively involved in a number of other areas of ALEKS/AHE Chemistry content development as directed.
What can you expect from the position? 
-          Assist in the expansion and improvement of existing ALEKS Chemistry products that support college-level education in general, introductory, organic, and GOB chemistry. 
-          You'll design chemistry instruction and assessment content that fits within the ALEKS AI paradigm and course curricula, and work closely with ALEKS platform design specialists, software engineers, and quality-control teams to get it into production.  You may direct and manage the work of junior ALEKS Chemistry colleagues and/or academic consultants.
-          Assist McGraw-Hill product implementation managers in delivering best-in-class implementation support to instructors using ALEKS products.
-          Help design new ALEKS Chemistry products, including designing curricula that match instructor needs, creating innovative and effective instructional materials, and designing new problem types, answer-input tools, and grading algorithms.  You will also participate in market research and new product development planning with senior management.
-          Be actively involved with the chemistry education community, attend meetings and conferences, gives presentations and talks, and generally keep abreast of developments in the field of chemistry education, and provide expert perspective and advice on these to senior management.
What can you bring to the role? 
-          Your background will include a PhD in chemistry from a first-rank institution, plus at least 5 years of teaching experience (excluding TA work) in general chemistry, organic chemistry, introductory chemistry, or biochemistry, most of which must be in classes for which you had sole or principal responsibility.
-          Experience at more than one institution will be valuable, as will be experience supervising adjunct instructors and/or TAs.
-          Experience in curriculum design or redesign, online education, and an awareness of the state of the art in the cognitive science of learning will be highly valuable.
-          Excellent verbal and written English skills, a close attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize ruthlessly and get complex projects done on time will be necessary.
-          Experience with and understanding of algorithms and computer programming, particularly in a Linux/Open Software environment, will be a plus.
-          Most importantly, you'll have a demonstrated and outstanding resourcefulness and creativity in chemistry instruction, a strong interest in advancing the state of the art in educational technology, and the ability to understand and connect to students of widely varying background.

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